The Pecaut Centre captures the spirit of the late David Pecaut, civic entrepreneur and corporate strategist


The Pecaut Centre incubated
LEAP: The Centre for Social Impact.

Pecaut Fellows

Inspiring the next generation of civic entrepreneurs—coming soon!


"David Pecaut was a strong mentor and a great friend. David taught me the power of applying disciplined analytics and strategic thinking in the non-profit sector to unleash massive impact."

− Joe Manget, Operating Partner at Alignvest, Chairman Edgewood

"Canadian leaders are realizing that this new model of social entrepreneurship is uniquely suited to bring innovation to some of our most challenging social issues. Let's try some new models to attack old problems."

− David Pecaut

"One of the best ways of remembering David and continuing his remarkable legacy is the Pecaut Centre. It helps us answer the question that his BCG colleagues and so many of the rest of us ask ourselves when confronting a difficult business issue or a complex social problem: What would David do? How would David have created the next generation of social entrepreneurs and scaled up the most promising social enterprises? I like to think he would have founded The Pecaut Centre."

− Helen Burstyn

"The Centre was created to maintain David's legacy: see a problem, articulate it and turn it into an opportunity. David was able to bring the right people together and make a real difference for Canada."

− Kilian Berz, Sr. Partner and Managing Director BCG

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